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As a voice actor I use my


voice to tell stories, pique interests, motivate and entertain. My work spans from animation, video games, radio, commercials, and much more.


My Work

Animation and Video Game 

I create distinct characters through voice to help provide a more immersive experience in many media such as animation, video games, audio books and more.

As a voice actor I pride my self on delivering the best performance and quality. Feel free to contact me for more samples of my work.



Animation Are you an animator or a producer looking for that voice actor to nail the read? I have many characters I use and create more all the time.

Video Games

I strive to provide varied and unique voices to tell the story of your project. From strong story line narrative characters to announcers, my voice acting can fill the role!


Radio is a medium in which the product cannot be seen or touched. Therefore, the voice representing it must be powerful, evocative and draw the consumer in. I also provide radio stations with voice tags, Id’s, bumpers, drops and Public Service Announcements (P.S.A.).


As a voice actor I will partner with your production team to provide the best voice over services for your television advertisements. I also offer narration for movies, documentaries, training videos and video presentations. I also provide voice overs for animation, product infomercials and company press releases.